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About us

ThreePeople offers a complete range of Recruitment Services and takes pride in creating a strong working partnership with clients, providing both a personal and professional service. Our goal is to deliver outstanding candidates for your business, reducing your cost per hire, whilst removing the stress, time and effort to fill your vacancies.

Our team has a combined 50+ years’ experience in Digital & Printed Media Advertising, Marketing, Copywriting, Human Resources, Employment Services, Search, Selection, Head-hunting, Recruitment, Resourcing, Outplacement and Career Transitions.

Core team

Jon Donaldson
Jon Donaldson

Jon joined the company in June 2000 and is now one of the Owner Directors. He has previously worked for a number of International Corporations and brings strong Sales and Marketing expertise to the business. He loves interacting with customers and candidates, bringing his natural enthusiasm and flair to the mix. He has led and actively delivered a vast array of successful projects and Recruitment Campaigns over many years. Jon is motivated, driven, gregarious - and actually cares!

James Walker
James Walker

James, who is an Owner Director, joined in 2001 and has taken on every role in the company at one time or other, including creating Job Descriptions, writing Advertising Copy, posting Campaigns to Job Boards, welcoming new clients, interviewing applicants, offering candidates (and rejecting others) and managing the success of ThreePeople through a fantastic growth (and still growing) - phase. With a degree in French, German and Italian languages, he is still perfecting his English on occasion!

Kirsty Eastman
Kirsty Eastman

Bringing her individual focus and professional services experience to all ThreePeople activities, Kirsty focuses on client services, sales and response management for the business. In complete control of the Client Database, she manages the efficient functioning of the office so we can exceed our own and all our clients’ expectations.

Gillian Ashley
Gillian Ashley

Gillian brings a wealth of previous customer service, administration and research experience to the business mix. With a degree in English and a background in financial services, pensions and proof-reading, she helps to keep our processes error-free and compliant, bringing her good sense of humour, scrutiny and efficiency to enhance the ThreePeople candidate and customer experience.

Nicki Moore
Nicki Moore

Nicki provides the Customer Service and Administrative Support to the business, ensuring everyone is equipped and informed to provide the excellent client support which underpins all company activities. With a background in Resourcing, Outplacement and H.R. Services, this is not the first Recruitment Company she has worked for - but hopefully it will be the last!

Rachel Robertson
Rachel Robertson

Rachel provides the in-house financial support to the business, making sure we follow due process and procedures when it comes to the accounts, invoicing, administration and credit control. With a degree in Maths, she is the only one in the business who doesn't think of herbs when you mention Sage!

James Haskins
James Haskins

James is a Senior Consultant with the business working on targeted Search, Selection & Head-hunting assignments when standard recruitment methods cannot deliver the specific sector skills and knowledge that our customers demand. With experience spanning a wide range of sectors, he brings a rigorous, forensic and focussed approach to offer candidates a broader perspective on career - and clients a precise solution to their problems!

Phil Weaver
Phil Weaver

Phil has been working with the business since 2004, supporting customers with recruitment initiatives in the field of Production, Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology, IT and Technical roles. Having worked more recently in General Management for several UK and US companies, he has a detailed knowledge of both the smaller, start-up environment and more structured corporate frameworks. Phil brings a wealth of experience, is conscientious, accurate and fortunately - extremely diplomatic!

Robina Prince
Robina Prince

Robina drives our email marketing and customer contact campaigns, ensuring regular contact is maintained with our strong client base and is always on the look out for new ones. As a keen cyclist, she is always on the go and often works remotely, from home as well as from the office. Robina was named a good decade before the blackcurrant drink (different spelling) was even invented!

Rhia Harrison
Rhia Harrison

Rhia takes on the marketing administration responsibilities within the business, coordinating both incoming and outgoing client communications, supporting the Marketing initiatives of ThreePeople so we can spread the word! Proud of being the youngest member of the team, she teaches the older ones a thing or two about social media on a daily basis.

Supporting team

Based in Bristol, close to the Marina in Portishead, we are a loyal and professional team able to manage your Recruitment Campaigns for you. A dedicated and knowledgeable Account Manager will guide you through the process, undertaking all the administration tasks on your behalf, leaving you free to get on with your day job. We will create your advert, advising on content and style, post it “live” to the Job Boards, provide all Response Management, deal with telephone enquiries, handle all follow-up issues – and most importantly – send the relevant candidates to you for review.

We are a diverse team of friendly, positive and supportive people. It’s a great place to work and we take pride in our strong Customer Service and Client focus – recognisable from the moment we answer the phone!

Environmental Policy

The team at ThreePeople has willingly adopted a voluntary office policy of environmentally friendly and sustainable practice in the workplace.

Principles of our positive ethical practices include:

  • A “Walk to Work” incentive Scheme
  • A “Cycle to Work” HM Revenue Scheme
  • Comprehensive office recycling for paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, food composting etc.
  • Recycling and re–use of Toner Cartridges
  • Printing only when necessary and on both sides of paper
  • Installation of a regulated water meter
  • Lights turned off during the day and at night in empty offices
  • Electrical equipment/sockets/standby lights turned off at night
  • Energy Saving bulbs throughout premises

ThreePeople fosters a culture of respect for each other in the work environment and maintains sustainable and ethical policies in both supplier and customer facing relationships.


Corporate and Social responsibility

We are committed to:

  • Continuous improvement in our Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy
  • Encouraging our business partners to strive for matching performance
  • Acting in a socially responsible way
  • Continually improving our performance and meeting all relevant legislation
  • Encouraging our staff to be mindful of the effect of their actions on any natural resource.

Standards of business conduct

  • Recognising that good CSR embraces all aspects of sustainable business operations
  • We shall operate in a way that safeguards against unfair business practices
  • A responsible approach to developing relationships between companies and the communities they serve
  • Our contracts will clearly set out the agreed terms, conditions and the basis for our relationship

Corporate Governance

  • Conducting business to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards
  • All the laws that regulate and apply will be complied with
  • Treating all individuals in a fair, open and respectful manner
  • Seeking feedback on our performance and observing Best Practice at all times
  • Responding proactively and honestly to all client feedback regarding our business performance

Equality and Diversity

  • Eliminating discrimination on any grounds and promoting equality of opportunity in everything we do
  • Ensuring customers and suppliers can work together in confidence and be treated with respect
  • Our range of contracts will take account of the needs of a diverse customer base

Impact on Society

  • Understanding how to support the needs of the local community and implement initiatives accordingly
  • Our impact on the local and wider community will be understood and nurtured
  • Dialogue with local communities shall be encouraged for mutual benefit


  • Encouraging the use of sustainable practices in the maintenance of the company grounds and premises


ThreePeople is a trading name of Three People Limited, Registered in England No. 8994067. Registered Office: Nexus House, 139 High Street, Portishead, BS20 6PY