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Why a full Job Description is essential in order to recruit

When clients contact us to help them recruit for a new role, one of the first things we ask for is a copy of their Job Description.

This is an essential document in the recruitment process – not only does it help us create an Advertisement for your vacancy, but it also gives real credibility to your company when contacting candidates.

A Job Description can also:

  • help you develop recruiting strategies that clearly inform applicants of their role and responsibilities
  • be extremely useful to develop interview questions and make informed hiring decisions
  • help determine individual training and development needs when expectations are not being met
  • ensure your staff duties and actions align with your company vision when performing their role
  • be used as a basis and benchmark for performance management in the workplace

It is essential that an employee has a clear Job Description so they can understand the responsibilities and duties required and expected of them by the employer.

If you are struggling to know where to start when putting a JD together, download a copy of our Job Description Template here and please call us if you need help with your recruitment.