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Is there still time to recruit this year?

Thanks to our different approach, the answer is “Yes!”- for two very good reasons.

1. Candidates continue to remain active until mid-December – at which point their priorities switch to Christmas shopping and parties!

2. Our fast-track process means that your vacancy will be posted to the leading Job Boards within 24 hours of taking your brief and will be seen by thousands of potential candidates.

We’ll keep your vacancy refreshed on the Job Boards, so it will be visible to all the best candidates right up to the last minute.

To give you complete peace of mind, we’ll offer you this guarantee. If we do not fill your vacancy by the end of the year, we’ll post it again free of charge in January. So you’ve got nothing to lose by starting the process now. Call us or send us an email and let’s get the process started!

ThreePeople’s services include Recruitment Advertising Campaigns, Targeted Search, Executive Head-Hunting, Database Interrogation, Business & Social Media Research to deliver cost-effective solutions to all our clients.